March 06, 2016

My first half marathon

I can't sleep despite waking up at 4 this morning and having a deadly tired body after running my first half marathon. Yes. I did it. My first.half.marathon. Freaking 21km Half Marathon!

In 2014, I ran my 1st 10km run in Malaysia Women Marathon. So it's only appropriate to run my first HM in the same event too. Plus it has been 3 years that I "opened" my running event with MWM.

However I was having doubts before this event. I am still having my cough and flu. So it's no fun to lari with hingus-hingus. I was also kind of sleep-deprived this week. I think I slept around 4 hours only each night this week. I was deadly tired. Given a better condition, I kinda think I can go to the run with no doubts because I managed to do a 16km trail run last year so I think I can do it.

Asked around my friends. I did not train at all. Adelah pergi naik bukit puchong but max tu 7km sahaja. A few encouraged a few diacouraged.

The night before I prepared the essentials despite being half-hearted for the run. I had no appetite to eat but forced myself to eat some carbo that nite because I didn't quite eat at Wani's wedding. Took cough syrup to help me sleep but I only shut my eyes at 10 when I actually wanted to sleep at 9. Mind you I slept at 1 am and woke up at 5 that day before. I clocked my alarm at 4am and let destiny decides. Kalau bangun, then I will go.

I woke up to the alarm this morning. Snoozed until 4.20. Showered and still dont feel like going because I was too sleepy and tired. Forced myself to eat 2 spoons of rice and fried egg for energy. Took banana, milo kotak and had to resort to taking my highly caffeinated fat burner although I know I will be getting trouble to sleep this whole day like how I am right now. Placebo effect or not, I dont think I can run 21km without the energy.

Drove to Dataran Shah Alam. And I finally ran my first HM. I was okay at first until my mucus started to overflow. Dahla lupa bawak tisu. So I had to breathe with my mouth which I think made me easily tired. The cut off time was 1h30m for first 10km, 2h25m for km15 and I think 3h30m for the HM. Managed to clock in my fastest 10km which was 1h20m. Water station was good. Andddd ada lucozade my favourite isotonic drink back in Ireland! Hehe..

The surau was stationed at km11++ so I don't think I can make it before Subuh ends. Thank God at LKSA toll I saw a few runner prayed at the side so I joined them. Bila lagi oiii nak solat atas jalanraya kat Malaysia ni yg kat LPT tu pun diorang solat kat tepi je kan. So at km7.65 I stopped for Subuh.

My strategy for the first 5 songs (i run with my earphones). And then run for 1 song and walk for 1 song until I can't take it anymore then only I walk. Managed to catch up with the 3hr pacers but my body started to give up at km17. My back was hurting. I can start to feel that my leg will go cramp so I walked for the last 4km with very very very minimal run.

Clocked in 3h8m according to my Nike running+ apps for 21km and finished the route at 3h15m because it went slightly over 21km...the route was 21.8km and yes, 800m does make a difference when you are so tired liddat.

After finishing line I kinda teared inside because I didnt think i can make it and I was so tired and also it was so painful to walk with blisters on my toes.

Alhamdulillah. New achievement unlocked :D

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AfIqAh^^AiSyAh said...

naaadz sangat hebaaat!! i kinda teary myself baca post ko... huwahuwahuwa... cacat nya aku.. so proud of u darl!! :*