February 02, 2016

A costly mistake

It was quite late that night. I just got back from Zawara Bukit Jelutong because I was craving for Churros. Went there after my night job. Had a cup of coffee which I don't usually do except if I need to workout. I was quite tired.

Right after Hicom exit I sped a little bit like I usually do. Saw the motorcycle already but in a split second I heard a loud bang. Feck. 

So I hit a motorcycle, yet again. Thank God he was not harmed. I really didn't see that coming at all. I had my signal. Entahlah up until now I still think it wasn't 100% my fault. I got out my car. Another 3 motorcylists helped the guy out. I kept on apologizing to the guy. He was reluctant to see my face or tell me what he wanted. I was alone. Almost broke down into tears and finally we exchanged numbers and the guy let me drive home that night. 

I reached home and he called. He was calmer. Told him I'll pay for the damage. Went to shower, and he called again. Started to have weird feeling and I put my guard up. He asked me where do I live bla bla and the last question - "dah kawen ke" to which I immediately replied "dah" without thinking long. Kahkah. I heard him saying "ala..dah kawen pulak" This is the second time I hit a motorcycle and both times also the guys ended up being weird. Maybe I should tone down my apologetic face, but I needed something to calm them after causing problem to them aite? 

The mistake costed me almost 500. Takpelah ada la tu mana-mana gaji tak berkat tu. Iols redha dan pasrah.

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