January 28, 2016

Go With The Flow

The mantra that I have been holding on to lately - GO WITH THE FLOW

I used to be very very frustrated when things don't go my way. Like, hati panas meletop kebabow like that. But recently I have slowly been educated to let loose a little bit and let things go with the flow. Not all that you plan goes accordingly. I haven't fully grasped the concept, but I am trying my best to  berlapang dada and accept everything that has been destined and fated.

It's not in my power to steer things to go my way.

It's not in my power to make people stay.

I do have my hopes. I do have my dreams. Who doesn't want to be happy? But a girl like me can only pray. And hold onto the faith.

Someday, somehow. One sweet day, insyaAllah.

Still trusting your plans, Ya Rabb. 

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