December 16, 2015

Setahun sudeyh

So many things in my mind that I need to let it out.

One year has passed

It's my first year anniversary in the current workplace. Never regretted resigning from where I worked before. So far I enjoyed working here. Tadi je ada kena muntah sikit dengan patient. Lain-lain has been far so good. Got to practice my skills and got to do more compared to my previous workplace.


I went to the spa treatment gifted by A last time. It rained cats and dogs soon after I reached Puchong. The parking was quite hard to find so I had to park somewhere and walk to find the place. Walk. In the middle of the rain. And I didn't even know where the place at, called a few times but still couldn't get to the place I almost gave up. Like a headless chicken I went here and there and only managed to find the place after my clothes is drenched in rain despite having umbrella. Thank God the treatment was good. Had scrubs, masker as well as 30 mins massage. The massage was not too bad but I still prefer my favourite Thai massage. Again, thank you kind stranger for the gift.

However, since I went from drenched in rain to air-conditioned room, I am feeling slightly under the weather today. Need to get me some Vitamin C before it got worsened.

Eh. Macam banyak je nak cerita. Tapi dah takde idea. Oh well.

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