December 29, 2015

Catching up with Naynay


Finally in Venice, Italy. Finally reunited with Abang, Kakdiah, and my favourite little person in the world - Naynay.

Venice is freezing, freezing cold. The day we arrived the temperature hit a high 10 and that was it. The next days the temperature was only around 1-3degrees. 5 years in Ireland and I'm still not used to this kind of cold.

Anyway back to the main aim of the trip...we are sending Mak over mainly to take care of lil miss Naynay instead of her sister, really. Makcik ni energy dia macam makan pil kuda, she can play play play allllll day long. 4 adults tending her and we all got tired at the end of the day but she still can happily chirping around. Tatau la nanti awak ni ada adik cammana nanti ni. So while the attention can still be focused to her without being divided, we give it to her.

With Naynay, I play the role of the fiercer aunty. On certain parts I give in to her, but I never let her go overboard. Kalau dia dah start main tutup lampu ke apa ke buat dek je sampai dia tak jadi main dah. Tapi Mak on the other hand, she gave in to  her grandkid a lil bit too much. Amboih dulu kecik2 dulu iols kena bantai cucu dia ni nak jentik pun tak sampai hati. Lepastu iols buli je balik kalau dia buli so nanti dia akan stress. Kiki.

Anyway few days more til I go back. Cam sedih pulak nak tinggalkan. Seronok plak dah a few days duduk sini. Risau jugak nanti sapa nak halang mak dari kena buli dengan Naynay kahkah. Baby pun very slim chance nak jumpa. If only I have plenty of annual leaves to spare. Sigh.


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