October 12, 2015

To QF it is

First of all, Ireland won over France. So that's a good thing to start the week. It was such a nervewrecking game. But we held on and eventually win it.

Much to the disappointment, Sexton was forced out of the game due to groin injury and he shed manly tears as he walked out the field. Twas such a heartbreaking moment to see him walk away like that. He is a brilliant player and has done tremendous job in the RWC. Another blow is when the Captain himself was down with hamstring injury. Setelah hatiku retak, ia berkecai when I saw him being transported out of the field. :'( Last player to walk out of the field was Peter O Mahony. Another big loss for Ireland. Sigh, it was such a painful game to watch.

Despite injuries over injuries, the team responded really well and marched on towards victory. Ian Henderson who replaced the captain was really a not too bad man himself. Madigan took over the kicking position got his job done quite well although I wish he plays as clever as Sexton does. Patience and efforts brought Ireland to 24-9 victory over France.

To QF this Sunday and we'll be playing against Argentina. May the luck be with the Irish side and speedy recovery to all the injured players..

Other than that...well, I think I am kinda effed up. I tried my best to open up but I failed miserably.

It's just so hard and so painful.  

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