October 21, 2015

Crunch time

September/October crunch time is O V E R. Alhamdulillah.

You know when suddenly at one time everything needs your attention. That's how I was the last 2 months. I didn't expect the purchase of house involves a lot of side things to be paid. Kahkah. Innocent sungguh saya. These 2 months alone I have to spend quite a lot to settle few things for the house. Insurance and roadtax renewal some more. Kereta pun tetiba nak tukar bearing la apa la. Plus, I was in great stress last month that I took an escape to Pulau Besar despite being broke. Lol. Since I've already borrowed large amount from Mak for the house segan dah nak mintak lagi so I worked extra hard this 2 months.

Aside from taking side jobs here and there, another tips that I read and really worked is to give more when you need more. Like seriously it does wonder. At the time where I really had to fork out money to settle things I would just chip in at any donation drives. This is not about bragging my donations or whatnot but this is simply just highlighting the point that sedekah really gives you more. And of course, never leave out your parents. Initially I negotiated with Mak saying I can't give her sekian sekian for this month but I worked extra and figured out I can still give her what I give her as usual.


Que sera-sera, aight? :)

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