August 29, 2015

I need my break :(

Today I am thankful that I managed to be present at my bestfriend's reception. Siap kena jadi pengapit lagi that was really my first time, and I was nervous as heck. Pengantin relax je I neves lebih. I hate doing job that puts me on the spotlight, walaupun not the main spot tapi still kena tempias light-light la kan?

Anyway job done :)

Although, how I wish I'm in the middle of the island, chillaxing. Or in the middle of the nature enjoying the fresh air. Badly needs an escapade to reformat my mind and body. I had the bookings done and arranged but I had them undone too. Takkan la nak miss the reception, especially when most of the girls can't make it.

Ssokay. Maybe I should pay a visit to my favourite thai massage place for a quick fix. Alone. Kesian. Kah. I am kinda screwed up I just went to spa 2 days ago but I did not enjoy the massage at all. I am missing the touches of the Thais masseuse :(

I, I am just at a state of utter confusion. I just hope the days will get better someday. Someday, somehow.

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