July 01, 2015

Hitting the halfway mark

It's July already and we are hitting the halfway mark through Ramadhan tomorrow. Time passed by pretty fast I guess. Turning another year this month and I am so dreading it coz for some reason I made my birthday a big fuss and will become upset upon certain things. Well we'll see tahun ni macam mana pergi dia. Expecting nothing for this year anyway so I should just really distract myself well from expecting or waiting.

As far as Ramadhan goes, finally get to have mine done fully at home. I have always been away since the past..erm..14 years (?) so this is the first one I'm having it at home. Nothing special. There are days where I have to breakfast alone coz mak is on duty surau. Buka ja apa-apa pun oats ngan telur pun jadilah. And I never ever been to bazar Ramadhan for even once. Tak Malaysian betul kahkah tapi seriously malas. There was one time I really wanted a karipap sardin so I made my own instead  of buying it at bazar. Gigih abis tapi teringin gak actually nak pergi..we'll see la how.

I work on certain nights but  there aren't too many patients so I have ample time for terawih on my own and Quran recital. Alhamdulillah reaching juzu' 20 already and so far never missed terawih even if I have to do it on my own. Haritu tragedi sadis tayarku pancit pun balik malam-malam gagahkan jugak terawih. Eh show off ke ape ni tak tak I just want to remind myself maybe after this maybe years after this if I ever go astray remember how I used to be. Besides I am my own blog reader ye know.

Other than that, same 'ol same 'ol jiwa kacau hatiku risau. Really having hard time recovering now. All I can do now is doa doa doa. May He grant me with abundance of patience to deal with this.

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