April 06, 2015

Syukur Tuhan masih menyayangi~

This past few days I've gone through a lot of series of unfortunate events. But despite those unfortunate events, I must say ( or sing) Syukur Tuhan masih meeeeenyaaaayaaaangiii

It all started with my beloved companion, my car, V had major breakdown last Friday. A few days before he gave up, I actually went through the scare of my life when I got stuck in a flood on my way back from work. It all happened so quickly the next moment I know, I am stuck. Kereta depan semua dah mati enjin sebab banjir dah naik siap basah lagi rasa kereta masuk air T__T Allah loves me and saved me the hassle of having to push the car in the middle of the heavy rain. V held on and managed to bring me to safe place.

Unfortunately, last Friday right after I reach office after lunch, V flashed off the red temperature light. I knew something is not right especially I have been drenching in sweat due to the aircond. Cut the story short, he was towed to the workshop and suffered major breakdown. I have been told should I go on and drive V, it might actually explode. Syukur Tuhan menyayangi, dekat parking baru kena and it didn't explode on me :')

Later that day I was still slightly traumatized and tired arranging V to the workshop and whatnot I went to my after work-work. I didn't realize my phone fell off my lap to the road when I stopby to buy sata. Took me 20 minutes to realize I am phone less (somebody was already waiting when I reached my workplace). I drove back to the place where I stopped by to buy sata and found my phone, untouched. Syukur Tuhan masih menyayangi T___T

As for today, I was late to work. Overslept. Nak masuk kereta pulak I stepped on my kain and it tore up quite bad T___________T So I turned to Waze to find the fastest route to work and went on with it anyway. I didn't follow the route I always do. Turns out, there was major accident on my usual route..Syukur Tuhan masih menyayangi~~~~

Banyak kali dah Tuhan jentik aku. In my sorrow, He is still there. Maha Pengasih lagi Maha Penyayang.

A little patience and a lot of faith. (:

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