April 02, 2015

Oh la hai....

Oh la hai banyaknya benda nak tulis I've got so many things to ramble. But things have been pretty busy at work so I don't have that peaceful me-time to write anymore.

So many things happening around. With GST going around my FB newsfeed has been flooded by receipts and more receipts. I paid my first one buying Milo at RM2.50+RM0.30GST yesterday. Feel like screaming to the extra 30cents that I paid and yell to govt nah kau amik duit rakyat ni pergilah kau bayar gaji pekerja awam ke pergi naik jet pergi bulan ke pergi beli bunga kat pasar ke. Moga di akhirat duit 30sen ni ditimbang tinggi rendah ikut sepatutnya. Wah macam tu sekali emo dekat GST.

But seriously, GST has been THE topic since the past few days and it hasn't ended yet. People have been stocking up goods pre-GST (I did mine too - stocked up pads that should last me a few months LOL) but what about the less fortunates? They barely have money to make ends meet for that month how can they even stock up for the next ones :(

As for me...well, what can I do. Guess I have to work extra hard to or adjust my expenses to what I can afford. Been working 8-9 on most days of the week now don't know how long my body could tolerate to this lifestyle :( Ingat ya,Yang Maha Melihat lagi Maha Mengetahui is there to be The Judge hereafter.

Other than that I am around 70% ready for my trip. A bit worried especially after hearing news after news of crashed planes but hey, kun fa ya kun. Kalau dah ajal, apa boleh buat ye dak?

And of course..every seconds bring me closer to the day that I dreaded. Well, life moves on. I will do to.  Praying to The Almighty to ease everything. He knows what's the best for me... If he is not, please take him away for me, but please give me peace to deal with it. Praying He will cross my path with my partner soon as I am feeling a bit left out and lonely ni. Semua dah ke fasa 3 kekakak fasa 1 pun tak lepas. Kah.

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