January 06, 2014


Just another rambling. I don't know who to share this with because I normally share my problem with her but it seems that her is my "problem" now..

I miss outings with her. A long one. Whether to shop. Whether to redbox. Or any random escape that we could just plan and go. This past few months the outings have been very brief. It's either she needs to be somewhere else..or she needs to bring someone else. And it has always been me who initiate the outing.

I understand things are different now. She has her own priorities. Or maybe she is just tired of me.

And I became mad at her because I feel abandoned. If time was a problem I swear I have seen her spending time with some other people too.

But now instead of mad, I am just sad. I miss you so much. I miss talking to you so bad.

If and only if you know..

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