January 01, 2014

Hello, it has been a while

It has been ages since I last blogged properly. The non-emo one. So here goes a run through of where I was and where I am now.

Completed my First Year Dental Officer training. The past 6 months were joy ride for me. Met new friends. I must say I enjoyed working in the hospital very much and looking forward for opportunity to work in hospital, given the time and place are suitable. I love the intensity of working in a hospital. Life in normal district clinic kinda bores me out. I was happy and began to enjoy my life in JB....

Not for long until I was relocated to Pontian. A place so alien for me and does not suit my soul at all. But what can I do? "Hanya mengikut arahan" as what stated. And being a non-preferable race in JB and having no cable I have to succumb to the order and move.

A small town. A new place. Worsen by the change of weekend to Friday and Saturday instead of Saturday and Sunday. That, again has sent me to the great depression part two. Took me months to enjoy working in JB. Once my feet set off at a right place, I was kicked out again. Really begin to question my direction of life now..

So where I am now? Trying to make the best out of this place. Trying to look at the positive side as best as I could. In the process, my weight has slowly regain thanks to binge eating everytime I feel sad. I am so worried at the direction I am going right now....

Money has also been my new motivation now. I figured out money is my best bet to bring me to happy places and help me out with the depression. I am working hard to earn more and may He eases my way to it..

I am also dreading 2014 for what may come. I have lost a few things and people I love in 2013. Some to death and some to...differences. In 2014..I may be losing more but I really hope I would gain more to balance things out. There are things that I really hope would stay the same..but I know it wouldn't this year. So I am arranging an escape project, saving up some money so I can runaway when I need to avoid a few things.

So here's to 2014. Same ol same ol cliche..

I want to be present for those who matters the most to me
I want to be a better person
I want to earn more
I want to lose weight and take care of my health properly
I want to be happier

Putting my trust in Him for He knows what the best for me.

Bring it on, 2014

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