February 17, 2013

Weekend di JB

Tak balik this week so I had to find something to cheer me up.
This morning I woke up and cleaned up my room.

Headed to the gym to workout. Was happy to be greeted by my trainer. Did I told ye i had little crush on him? Lol. But just a harmless crush tho. Hanya memuji~ Had a good 4.48km run 40mins on the treadmill and burned 332kcal. Did a bit weights and had to rush out...

Went to Spa Manja for aromatherapy massage. So rejuvenating. Had lunch at subway and decided to stopby the sea to enjoy some scenery.

Back home and tried to cook something healthy for dinner. Ended up whipping a vegetable soup and had it with oats and sambal ikan bilis.

Counting down to next friday. I miss my room :(

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