February 14, 2012

Last Dentcup!

My last dentcup and we won!!

I had severe stomach cramp today. Couldn't really stand straight from this morning but I had to toughen up to attend discussion, lecture and treat patient.

Later this morning my classmate went to me and asked if I'm up for playing today. Everyone was pretty tied up with other stuff so I just said yes despite the pain. It's gonna be my last dentcup anyway so I don't want to miss it.

Before the game I gobbled up 2 Nurofen with hope I'll be pain free. Hopped on my classmate's car and we went to Highfield. The 3rd years had like 7-8 people in their team but we had only 5, so we played with no subs. For 35 mins!

The first goal was from the 3rd year, I was warming up then. We got back to our feet and scored 3 more before halftime. I don't want to brag but I think I was on form :P The turf was really nice to play and the weather was good (some heavy wind, but not too bad) so I had no problem diving on to save the balls. I must say I saved a good few tonite :B The game ended with the score 3-2 and we won :D There was one really high impact ball that I saved with my hands so they are pretty sore now but it's totally worth it!

Good times, good games girls :)
E said "everyone says Cameltoeeee" so I bursted out a silent laugh but my mouth was wide open

Better picture!

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