January 18, 2012

Bounjourno Milan - part dos

So...after the 10 hours beauty sleep, we woke up all fresh and ready for the second part of the trip. Checked out of hotel and went to the metro station to go to Milano Centrale station.

Morning surprise 

We were very surprised to find out the next train available was in...28 minutes. LOL. We initially planned to get the 10.40am train. We panicked, went out to find a taxy with hope we could still catch the train. Tapi, it was really hard because the people there don't speak English (almost at all) so it was really disappointing trying to get a taxy there. Turns out there was a strike going on that day so we decided to go back to the metro station.

Alhamdulillah everything went well after that. Bought our ticket at the machine. Costed us 4.45eu per pax for an hour train ride to Lake Como.

Arrived Como and was welcomed by a very beautiful view. Lake Como is claimed to be one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy. Shape dia macam Y if you look in the map.

We took a ferry to Bellagio, a very beautiful small town. The journey ride took about 50 minutes and costed us 11.80eu per ride, per pax.

Spent the whole day sightseeing, walked around Bellagio. I'll let the pictures do the talking..

Watched the sunset by the lake. Breathtaking and spectacular view. Took all the stresses away and I was much more relaxed after that.

The train ride from Como to Malpensa Airport costed us around 10eu.

We took a flight back later that night and it was delayed for about 30 mins or so because they had to de-ice the runway and the plane. YUP, de-ice, menyah-aiskan kapalterbang. Cam defrost ikan dalam peti sejuk. Gitu...The temperature was around -7 degrees that nite and it was freeeeeeeeeezing cold. Arrived London around 11.30pm. STUCK in the immigration around 30-40 minutes. The queue wasn't that long but there was only 1 officer at first attending to us the non-EU passport holders. Only after about 20mins or so they open up 1 more caunter. Cis betul.

I only managed to get a 3 hours sleep that night because we reached Fiqah's place at 2.15am and I had to catch train at 6.25am to go to London Stansted. My flight back to Cork was at 8.45 that Monday morning.

I reached Cork at 10.10am and was welcomed by a very very gloomy and depressing weather. Sighhhh..

The budget for the trip was around 100eu, inclusive food and transportation and accomodation. The flight costed me around 70eu but that was booked months ago. So...eventhough I'm almost deadbroke now, it was still an enjoyable trip. Takdelah kena ikat perut ke apa..

It was a really really good trip. Came at the right time as well. I only had a 3 hours sleep that night but still managed to attend the lecture and treat a patient that Monday. A demotivated and lazy me would skip the lecture and cancel my patient but I think I handled them well although I need to get a small help from Redbull to keep me energized.

My stress level was brought down from this trip. Thanks Afiqah for being my partner in crime. Now I'm all ready for second part of final year! Bring it on!

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