January 17, 2012

Bonjourno Milano - Parto One-o

Alrighttt let's get this done while I'm still free. Soooo...last weekend I had a quick escape to Milan, Italy. It was planned months ago because I predicted I will need to destress after the exam.

I left Cork to London Stansted on Friday evening. "Miscalculated" the departure time so I had to leave early that Friday. Sooo glad the clinic went well and I managed to finish before 3.30. Went home, get ready and flew to London Stansted.

I had some time to kill before going to Luton because our flight was on Saturday. So, being the Malaysian I am, I decided to go to Bayswater to get dinner. Took a bus to Luton later that night.

Sleeping in Luton Airport

Well, let's say, it is not quite comfortable compared to sleeping in Stansted, especially before the check in area. We had to squeeze in ourselves on a bench very near to the window so it was quite cold. There were wheelchairs close to the bench so we use it to put our legs. Tried various position, managed to doze off for few minutes before we were woken up by bunch of noisy travellers.

So glad we were allowed to check in early. The benches in the departure hall were much more comfortable! We left for Milan Malpensa at 6.40am that morning...

Arriving Milan...

We arrived in Milan Malpensa airport around 11. Took a bus that was waiting us outside Terminal 2. I bought it online and it costed 7.50eu per pax. You can also get a train from Terminal 1, there was free shuttle connecting T1 and T2 but I figured out this was the cheapest, easiest and fastest option..

The temperature there in Milan ranges from -7 to 5 degrees. When we first arrived, it was so foggy so I was kinda disappointed at first. Luckily, the sun came out as we came closer to Milan city.

Took a metro to our hotel at Gambara area. Initially I booked a different hostel but I had a bad feeling about the hostel after reading the review....went to check at and found one affordable hotel with a very good review - Hotel Edy.

The hotel was okay, comfortable, the floor are not carpeted so it was a bit cold but they had plenty of duvet/blanket in the room so I used some of them to cover the floor. BUT, the lady at the receptionist DID NOT SPEAK ENGLISH at all. Hahaha it was hilarious when we first arrived. She was talking something like "kamera kamera" and all I imagined was the Turns out she wanted to say we can only check in at 1pm. LOL.

We were only allowed to check in after 1 so we had lunch at Megik Land - a restaurant across the road.

I have to say, the pizza and spaghetti there was so so so so cheap. The price for spaghetti ranges from 6-8eu and the price for a LARGE box of pizza was only 8eu. And the food was delicioussss as well! Tak puas rasanya sempat makan spaghetti sekali je...

After checking in, we showered, freshen up and got ready for our Milan city tour. Took Metro to Duomo Piazza.

Paid 10eu to go to the rooftop by lift. The staircase to the rooftop would cost you 6eu. We figured out we were too tired from the sleepless night so went on with the lift anyway.

Around the Duomo cathedral, there were shopping areas, yang, of course kitorang hanya mampu tengok je :P Didn't even dare to check the price ke apa.

Went and eat Panzerotti - a cakoi-like bread which was filled with mozarella cheese and tomato. Soooooo yummy. Mungkin bleh try buat nanti. We had to queue up to buy this so obviously it was one of the food to be eaten in Milan I supposed? Found this place thanks to Foursquare and Google Map! We also had the famous gelato icecream despite the freezing weather.

Spent that day touring the city until our legs gave up. There were few more places that we go but didn't quite had any idea what it was. LOL. Strolled around the duomo piazza area and had an encounter with a creepy man who gave me a creepy smile so we decided to just go back home after that.

Bought a box of pizza for our dinner at Megik Land (again!) and went back to the hostel quite early that day and had a good 10 hours sleep...

- to be continued-

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