March 02, 2008

The sweetest escape

Back in Cork!
Waaa.....benciiiiiiiiiii =(

Chronological wise....

Friday - I departed from Cork by AirCoach at approx 3pm. Eeeee...I dunno why they charge an extra €1.50 compared to Bus Eireann coz seriously I don't see any specialties in AirCoach. The bus is not so new, and it is not so clean and the worst part it is definitely not faster! Reached Dublin at approx 7.30pm. Aimi n Ummi has been waiting me since 5. Huuuu....kasihan2. I brought with me a MARINATED AYAM PERCIK, alllllll the way from Cork just for them okay! Serius terasa seperti makcik dari kampung melawat anaknya yang telah durhaka dibandar sambil membawa makanan2 yang enak kegemaran anaknya..That nite, I slept at Trinity Hall. Cooked nasii kerabu and ayam percik (yes again!) but since I've got some help, managed to finish them in 1.5 hours.

Saturday/Sunday - Met up Fiqah at Jervis Shopping Centre. Went to his bro's place at Jervis Place. Went out around Dublin. Went to the dock. Tengok2 kapal. Then went back to the city. My aim was to find souvenirs to bring back to Malaysia but failed to accomplish since time was so limited. Tak sempat gi Grafton St. pun. Went to Hard Rock Cafe. At 3, met fellow KMBians at Medina for a so-called small reunion. Hahaha..reunion la sangat. Me, Wany, Jims, Erra, Azi, Ifah, Wani Bad, Kamil, Banang, Temeng, Azrul, Hijaz (sekejap), Nazirul, Kudin and the new girl and a few more I couldn't remember. After a plateful of Prawn Beriyani (SEDAP!!!!) excused myself and met Kapes. Approx at 6.30pm rushed back to Trinity Hall to get my things coz I'm sleeping at Jervis Place.

There were small makan2 gathering at Afiq's place (fiqah's bro). Makan lagi!!! Seriously yesterday I ate so much that I could feel my weight reaching 100kg already. 10pm we went to Blanchardstown (beginikah ejaannya) for bowling and some games. It was sOooOoooo nice to have this kind of outing. The greatest and sweetest escapism, I must say. Menggila with Fiqah with the dancing game. Hahaha...terasa retard seketika. Went back at 2 am. Had a row of coffee. Gossiped around. Reminiscing the old days. Keluar semua hantu jamban hantu purdah punya cerita and went to sleep at 4ish am. Approx at 6.50am woke up for Subuh and forced myself not fall asleep. Showered. Siap2. At 8.10am went to the bus stop. 9am I hopped on the bus and reached Cork at about 1pm. nasib cepat!

Reached Cork. Went to Champion & Lifestyle. Waaa....I seriously need a new sports shoe!!! Went to Zamzam but the butcher was sick so I have no chicken this week!! Waa.....sedih =(

All in all, 'twas such a nice weekend. Outside Cork. Very rejuvenating. No need to confront any not so pleasant faces. Can be myself to the fullest. No tahan-tahan. Waaa......I have to admit I love Dublin eventho the living cost is so high there..waaaa.......kali ni datang tak rase sgt duit kluar coz I was using Aimi's buss pass and banyak jugak org belanja2. Hahaha..tu yg lebih best tu..

Thanks to my dearest Afiqah Aisyah coz the reason I went all the way to Dublin is to meet her! One fine day I hope I'll get to crash Japan pula..heee.. To Aimi and Ummi for the hospitality. To Kak Aini, Afiq, Acap, Za, O.U (kah?), Syahid for the nice food, the treat and the fun.

Back to Cork. Study2...focussssssssssssssssss!
Anatomy lab due tomorrow.
Physiology in 2 weeks time and I havent even started. Damnnnn
Anatomy in 3 weeks time and I also havent started. Double damn damn..
Cork games in 4 weeks time triple damn damn damn....

hahaha. tgh bengang sebab laundry machine telan token saya sewenang-wenangnya tanpa memberikan saya ruang utk membuat penjelasan. waaaaaaa.....

P/S : Pixies later. Bateri mamp*s sepanjang masa di sana. Haha buat berat beg je..


13may said...

hehhe...selamat selamat :)

n Z r A said...

slamattt... =D

afiqah_aisyah said...

nadz~ missing u already!!!! seriously nak menari lagi ngan ko cam that day... hehe... hope to c u again... in mesia plak k!! muah2!! love u loadsSSs!!! ^_^

n Z r A said...

waaa...missing u too fiqah!!!!!!
nak gambar okehhhh
wawawwawaa...balek mesia kali ni saye mesti mahu jumpe kamu! kite lawan dancing lagi okehhhhh heeee...