March 07, 2008


I've got no mood to update the blog but heh...I'm still updating the blog.
Got my biochem results far...okaylaaaa...I got honors only. But glad that I passed. 17 of my classmates failed o.O gler cuaks.

I just realised that my physiology test is next week and my anatomy test is the week after next week. Gile cepatttttttttttttttt!!!

That mom is coming in about one month..and I'm going back in about another 2 months ++ ( denial mode untuk mengatakan exam makin mampirrrr)

And I'm soooooo....happy today...becoz..becozz....erm....heeee....happy lah kire-kirenye =D

Still waiting for the stork to bring my baby....cepatlaaaa baby sampaiii~~

Last but not least, pesanan dari saya :

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