March 12, 2008


After waiting for the stork to bring my baby for almost 160 hours...

Yeap, he is indeed...VERY VERY fragile. I had to go through 3 layers of packaging plus 2 boxes to get to him..
Hensheemmmmm takk???? Henshem tak baby shaayeeee???? I know I the very handsome kaaannnn??

Muahahaha..ok taubat. This is seriously the last time I ever gonna get my hands on eBay. Last time...EVER (err...until my next allowance la.. =P )

And I will make sure this baby won't go swimming in any type of baldi. EVER ever again!

Baby 1st catch. Hehehehehe
P/S : there's no obscene drawing on the wall okayh. Itu notes anat saya..

And goodbye siHitam, for good. Saya rase nak jual anda di eBay under faulty condition je. Muahaha..

*Jumps up and down go, and move it all around*

An email from my lecturer responding to mine when I asked her my Biochem actual marks :

Hi Nadzirah,
Now I'll confirm again that I gave you your marks this morning...65% is very good! With the large number of points still outstanding, you could possibly bring that up to a 1H overall.

Best regards,

Haiihhh...a lil bit, it does brighten my day but I still need to work really really really really hard to get a better results. I don't know why but my brains seemed to be functioning kinda slow recently. Macam dah tepu skit pun ada. Tapi tipu gile la kan byk je lagi tak bace betul2. I'm gonna try harder.....Ganbattteeeeeeeeeeeee~

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