January 13, 2008

Black & White

Sejak kebelakangan ni, my Nuffnang trackers been errr..tracking ppl who ended up landing in my blog when they were Googling sumthing. And most of them being :

IUMC INTERVIEW 2008 (abis ah pasni ramai la yg sesat masuk sini gak)

Err....nak tips ke?

Just simple advice :
  • confidence. ok this is so cliche...but yeap, conquer your fear. mereka tak makan orang. they are VERY friendly. and all u need is just to calm down and answer the Qs
  • be prepared. Read about ireland, medical issues (especially related to Malaysia) and also studying overseas. If u have someone in family doing medic ka ape, u can tell them gak kot..
  • if u asked your friends who've been interviewed on the Qs given, do not be heard over rehearsed with the answer. last year if I'm not mistaken they got fed up with typical answers given by students, and they are not happy with it
  • dun ask the interviewers how did u fare during the session. that's a big no-no
  • impress them with something not so academic. sports talent pon dierg kagum gak kot..

Since the tragedy of si itam (my phone), I've been using si putih. Si sooo...unfriendly-user. I got very fed up each time I text ppl hence I chose not to text anyone unless it's super important. And si putih is so small that I always left her dimana-mana..

I tried to revive si itam yesterday but when I put on the battery, tibe2 bunyik cam minyak yg panas kena letak bawang. yg bunyi *shhiiiiiii...*, yeap, I'll give him sometime..

Si itam, kembalilah. I miss u..

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