September 28, 2017


Taking a break from the serabutness for a while, so here I am.

A few things going on my plates this coming few weeks. Office's family day. Expected to receive the key in a week or 2 so I need to start thinking about renovations. Going for my trip at the end of the month. So many. So money. This month alone my expected expenses went double from my usual. Dengan travel lagi, roadtax mati lagi, new property lagi. Pergh. Such a nervewrecking month, this is.

At the moment I'm getting headache with planning of the family day. You see, if budget is not a concern, I could be buying anything, no worries. However, we have to plan wisely, and try to make this as festive as possible. So that's a bit stressful. Hopefully all goes well.

On the other hand, the trip is pretty much 70% complete in the itinerary and bookings, for my part that is. Just I myself need to prepare a few more stuffs. Bag dah ada. Jacket pakai apa ada je. Baju pun lebih kurang la. Around 1 month to go before we finally go for the trip. Belum ada excited nya lagi sebab tengah serabut dengan macam-macam. Lagi seminggu dua nanti after family day datang la feel dia kot hopefully.

Oklah dah ada cleaners nak vacuum bilik

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