August 02, 2017

I left the 20s

Jaga-jaga. This is the kind of post that was written in unstable mental state with no proper train of thoughts.

You've been warned.

So...I've turned another year and left...the 20s. On the day itself, I was attending a conference, but yet I still get to celebrate my birthday with my favourite people. I am thankful to Allah for the chance and the space and His mercy.

Had a good breakfast, went for a good lunch, and finished with a good dinner.  I was going on a full eating spree mode last Sunday. I didn't have a balloon nor a cake nor a candle, but I got to spend time with those who cared, so that mattered more, innit?

Actually I'm running out of words to what to say. So imma stop here and write a better post.

Apelah masalah aku ni pun tak tau.

But just wanna say I am happy, I might have cried once during my birthday but that was it. I was happy generally.

Dahlah. Bye

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wani ezryl * said...

happy birthday to you! :)