February 13, 2017

Is It Monday Already?

My alarm went on at 630am this morning, and as I struggle to push the stop button I was so disappointed when I look at the day today. "Monday 13 February 2017"

Is it Monday already? Where did my weekend go? How come I did not feel rested at all? 😭😭😭

So I am back at square one, counting calories and bitching about weight. This past few months I've been working out and running but my weight did not show any signs of decreasing at all. Plus, I showed my knee's MRI results to Aqeel (Fuzah's husband) and he said I need to lose weight. So I think it's about time we go back to basic.

Calories counting isn't fun at all but it promises results because that's the basic of losing weight. Calories in < calories out. It's kinda annoying because you have to keep track of everrrrrrything you eat.

Apart from that, I'm starting to save up money for a trip. That means I have to work my arse off to earn extra and as a result, my body is screaming for a massage fix already. But that also need money so basically I'm a bit effed up. Trying my best not to touch my savings so I'm becoming more careful with my spendings now.

Til then. Tata

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wani ezryl * said...

all the best with the weight losing! other than exercising, may be can look into what we eat daily.