June 23, 2016

Kitchen Disaster

I have this special interest and passion towards everything, culinary. I could spend a few hours watching Food Network especially if they have cooking battles like Iron Chef, Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen and the likes of it. I also like to cook and tryout new recipes. Cooking gives me some sort of peace, but it has to be done when I'm alone  or with people who doesn't question a lot about what I am doing lah.

Influenced by those quick and easy video in facebook by Tasty, Tastemade, ProperTasty etc, I tried to make an upside down banana cake. But baking is never my forte and I kinda hate it. Because you need precision and accuracy, and it doesn't allow you to be creative. Once the ingeredient is off, you are doomed. Unlike normal cooking where I can toss in sugar or salt, lemon or water to balance out the taste.

The kitchen gets so messy during the process which I really hate. When I do my work. I want my station to be clean. Tapi sebab it involves a few ingredients and process, i can't afford to clean as I go like I always do.

My bizarre workstation

One thing we should know about FB videos are they are sped up and they are done by, well, people who have done it a few times. My first batch of caramel was disastrous. My baking pan was too big so I had to alter the portion but when I do it, it was already too late it got hardened and hardened caramel is a total nightmare. I did a second batch, not looking too good but I feck it off and went with it anyway. 

First batch caramel nightmare

Looking from the result of the video I knew some modifications need to be done so I looked through the comments and found the hack. So I followed the instruction but I didn't put enough baking powder so my banana cake turned out a little dense. 

Put it in the oven and prayed it would turn out okay

Looks okay from below

Looks a bit cacat due to the caramel nightmare >.<

The caramel really was a failure. Ada gula yang tak larut, ada part yg it got hardened. I took out the hardened part and melt it out in whipped cream I think I saw one of the chefs did it in one of the tv shows and it turns out yummeh. The cake was dense. Okay to  eat when hot, but not so when it's cold. I'm gonna repeat this cake until I got it perfect because somebody really loves banana cake. Kah..


wani ezryl * said...

i never like baking too due to the messiness i'll make in the kitchen. dgn amount bahan2nya nak kena betul2 & tepat (i hate maths, that explains. haha) but the name 'caramel nightmare' sounds cute and somewhat funny too :P all the best with ur baking!

Nabila Syifa said...

banana cakes! nice n sweet