May 29, 2016

Random ramblings

Fon buat hal. Susah hati ni. Haishk.

Switched off my fon out of protest just now and when I turn it back on it kept on searching for network. Read from the net tried a few tips and all failed :( Kinda foreseeing my phone will be acting up tp kenapala pukul 10 lebih buat hal tau tadi awal-awal dah gi kedai check.


Hopefully esok okay la. Now I'm on the net with wifi. Kalau takdak wifi tak jalan la fon. Sedih.

On the other note, facebook memories reminded of some kind of memories that I went through last year. Around this time one year ago, a few months before and a few months after that I was having quite a rough time. Multiple breakdowns. Cried buckets. Oh those days...

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