April 14, 2016

Kena Tinggal

Today we had a course which included DIY Massage as one of the topics. It was so interesting that it got me thinking to get a diploma in physiotherapy. Nahh..diploma terus kau, takde nak amik kursus sampingan ke apa. Kahkah. But what about my ambition to pick up a culinary course? Will I be able to achieve both of my dreams?

In the end I thought to myself, takpela den bolaja urut and masak sendiri lepastu praktik dekat laki sendiri je lah. Eh. Ado laki ko? Takdo? Ah, that's another dream almost seems so far away from me.

Anyway, well, minggu ni, I'm not going to middle-of-nowhere for the volunteer work. Tried to find another escape plan. I wanted to go to one of the islands in Johor but considering how scorching hot the weather currently is, I zip off the thought. Elok nak pergi tenangkan diri nanti duduk tepi pantai panas terbakar pastu emo sendiri. Last-last duduk bilik je baik aku duduk hotel kat mana-mana. But no, I can't. Duduk hotel sendiri pun nanti bosan. Bosan boleh mengundang pelbagai perasaan. Kahkahkah. So I might be heading down south to meet Piqa. Lama dah tak catch up. Lagipun rindu kacang pol and mi rebus ZZ. I will depend on my mood, tabah hati ku jauhlah perjalanan melangkah.

I am making such a big fuss about this weekend I hope the other side tak fed up dengan gwe. Mengada terok! Sejak bila jadi mengada pun den taktau. Lebih memalukan, he knows. It's okay and it's kinda normal if I go crazy by myself but in this case he knows. That's the thing. Almost every single thing that bothers me, he knows. And we talked about it. Malu gak kekadang sebab you know, I got upset about silly things sometimes. We shared the same sentiments on a few things and that made me really, really glad. Had a heart to heart talk a few days ago and it made me cry just thinking of the unhappy ending. The very first time ever that I sobbed heavily at him, before this maybe mata bergenang je.

Things have been pretty okay eventhough I had a rough few days earlier this week. Moga yang baik-baik aja pada hari yang bakal berlalu. 

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