April 01, 2016

I need a therapy.

I. Am. So. Sleepy.

Fighting to stay awake in my second job. I already ran out of things to stalk in the internet that I started to stalk, hmm certain people. And when I stalk, I became disappointed and upset that's why I tried my best not to stalk.

Perempuan. Memang masalah.

Still in my dilemma to get my therapy. In my mind either I go for swimming or get a full body massage. I'm too chickened to have my overnight stay at KL to go to my favourite massage parlour. Nak cari yang dekat dengan rumah macam sayang they are either too expensive and I might end up getting a disappointing massage. Dekat KL memang dah bayar prepaid I've got few more visits to go. Hihi.

One hour to go before I finish my shift. Hang in there wonderwoman.

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