April 20, 2016


Untuk kesekian kalinya, haishk, stressnya banyak kerja.

When I choose my career, my innocent mind went to think all my work will revolve around patient and none of them would haunt me post working hours. Boy, I have never been so wrong in my life. Juggling this project in between seeing patients, my mind gets tired really easily. Kadang-kadang tu nak consult patient pun I lost words.

Being the lead of the project, I tried to make sure everyone is not..unhappy. Kau banyak kerja? Fine takdehal, saya buat. Takleh nak edit video? Takpe, saya buat. Slides kena amend? Okay saya buat. I just want this whole thing to be done and over with. The annoying thing about this project is the courses that I have to go. Last week ada satu. Next week there's one more. And I really hate courses, I'd rather be busy with my kerja hakiki than doing this. This will last at least until end of July. Lamanya la lagi nak hadap. Erggh..

Last weekend I had my escape trip down south. It wasn't a fun,suka-suki one I didn't even take a single pictures. It was more of a...entahlah I dunno how to explain trip. Had some catching ups with a few people. Well, this trip has taught me to be grateful of where I am right now. Had I stayed there, I bet I would be more depressed than ever. This also reminded me of someone who supported me the whole 2 years I lived there and for that, I am forever grateful to him. Didn't get to eat my favourite kacang pol, wanted to drag around Piqa here and there but she's 6 months pregnant. My 2 bestfriends that I apit dedua dah on the way to becoming a mommy, Alhamdulillah.

Missing someone but at the same time bengang jugak marah jugak. zzzzzz

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