January 25, 2016


I had a nap just now because I was too tired from jogging and cleaning the house.

And I had quite a, hmm dream.

In that dream I went to somewhere for a short trip. It was kinda like a sea, but it has tunnel that we can paddle our boat cum tube along the sea-tunnel. Aneh, but this is a dream of course it it strange like this.

On the way back I found out my car got stolen. And the person who stole my car, actually sent me and my friends back to our place using his car. Lepastu I asked about my car and he said sorry, I stole it. And he flew away. What the hell kan?

I was so angry. I yell and yell at someone and I was really really angry. I threw away things. The feeling was so real that I woke up, still in angry mode and went down to check my car. Alhamdulillah it's still there. Perasan sangat kan sapelah nak curik kereta awak tu?

I don't know, but what I can conclude from my dream :

1) I am angry at certain things now. Hmm. I truly am. But i'm trying my best to keep it to myself. The other person has sensed it but I'm just going to stay silent. If he doesn't make an effort to fix my mood by tonight, I am going to make a decision. This could be me PMSing for all we know but whatever.

Eh iols memang camni. During times when I get angry over people, I give myself a cooling off period, but at the same time I give a range. If the person doesn't come back to me within the range that I draft in my mind, I will make a conclusion and start making a decision. Lols.

2) I love my car. This one goes without saying lah. In this bad economy time, I can't afford to buy a new car. So I'm going to stick to my baby for as long as possible.

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