January 18, 2016

Alahai Sayang

Sekali lagi, my beloved baby gave me the scare of my life. Haih. Nasiblah sayang..

Last Saturday I went to get V serviced. I complained to the mechanic about the annoying sound and he said my bearing needs to be changed. It was kinda pricey but I was too lazy to think anymore. Plus ai am the kind of person who hates going to workshop because I know nothing about cars.

Cut the story short, I had my bearing changed. The next day I noticed it made a scary sound like besi bergesel. Aku dah panic. All my plans had to be canceled because of the sound. Hoi nasib la baik pagi2 sempat gi jog and locum.

Today I went again. Took a time off. But unfortunately they couldn't get it done. Later they told me it needed to be sent to another workshop that I had to follow. Aku dah lah tengah kerja ni. Haih.

It's all good now hopefully. Tp siryes pening lah sayangku nan satu ni. Nak tukaq takdak fulus.

Hopefully no more probs coming from you, V. Kakak love you with all my heart but at the moment I have a lottttttttttt of things that make me pening pls dont make me more stressed.

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ArELeEz said...

be good to kakak, v..! ;)