December 13, 2015


So I just did KL - Penang - Kangar - Hatyai - Penang - KL.

Rode on bus to Penang, ETS to Kangar, taxy to Haytai, car to Penang and executive bus to KL. Totally amazed with the train stations. It's like the European's. Proper waiting area, amenities and all. Beza dia train ni singgah Kodiang ja kalau tak ziryes dah sama macam German.

Had my first experience crossing border to Hatyai. Because it was school holiday, it's a bit packed. Wany told me usually there aren't as many people on normal days. Took us around half an hour to get the passport stamped.

Taxy from the border to Hatyai costed us around 650baht, and the journey took around 1 hour. Tak pasti mahal ke tak because the taxy guy was very hard people to negotiate with. Awal tu dia bukak harga 800baht if I'm not mistaken.

In Hatyai itself....all I can say the sellers are not friendly at all. They couldn't care less if you are buying or not so they don't really treat you well. Didn't really shop there because of that cari barang yg memang orang kirim je. But I did went a little gugu gaga over shop that sells flask..periuk..tiffin..sudip. Kahkah dah macam makcik2 dah iolsss.

Food wise..the pulut ayam and mangga are scrumptious. We had lunch at Restoran Hamid- food are so-so but because it has place to pray and toilet with water so it's convenient.

We went to massage parlour but suprisingly enough I didnt go for the full body massage. I went gor the foot massage instead. Badan lekit and we were sweating so I wasn't comfortable to get the full body massage. Rugi sikit especially after Z bragged how good it was. Takpelah, I can always go to my favourite Thai massage in KL...

Balik makan nasi kandaq ketapang - my all time favourite. 10 malam makan nasi sepinggan ape ade hal. Pagi tadi breakfast another round of nasi kandaq ape ade hal. Balik timbang naik 2kg menangis dalam hati now dah banyak hal. Hwaaaa..sedih.

All in all it was an okay trip. Tapi kalau kahwin macam nak cari periuk dekat Hatyai je kahkah berangan abis bile la nak kahwin ni. Hmm.

Somebody went quiet on me apehal tah. Message pun tak berjawab. Oh well.

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