December 07, 2015

Closing my 2015 Run

New distance recorded - I've ran 16km TRAIL run in FRIM yesterday.

When we first registered, I wanted to go for the 9km category. But I was convinced by Zack it's time to step up my game and because i registered during my birthday, she said I should have gifted myself a longer run.

Little did I know I'm going to be ditched by her halfway through -_-

 It was a hilly trail and there are points where running is almost impossible for newbies like me. For 16km we had to run 2 loops of the trail. So having gone through the first loop, I knew what is coming and how steep the hills were and how demotivating and tiring that can be awaiting me in the 2nd half.

I tried to rehydrate myself as much as I could but with the hilly trail, but cramps are still inavoidable circumstances. I had my first cramp at km8-9 but I shook it off and went on anyway. The cramp subsided after a while.

After finishing first loop, I met Adam, Zack's friend and he told me he's not going for the 2nd loop. Zack was behind me and I thought she is going to join me in the 2nd loop. Checked my phone after I started 2nd loop only to find out Zack ditched me.

Disebabkan tema larian tahun ini just keep swimming, just keep running, I forced myself to just go on. Run, walk or crawl, I need to finish this run. And I finish it at 2:54hours. At the last kilometres I just couldn't take it anymore as the cramp start to be more persistent and just won't go away.

I was just so glad I finished the race. Still experiencing some pain until today but hey, who would have thought this fatgirl can run 16km TRAIL run...

This is my last run for 2015. Last year I ran 6. This year I promised myself to run 7. Registered for 7 but I truthfully only ran 6 because Puma night run didn't really count. 

Next year target?
My first Half Marathon perhaps. Not quite sure if I can run more than 7 so let's just put 7 as a target. Itupun kalau mampu capai. 

MWM - Hulu Langat Trail Run - Green Warrior Run - Mardi-MAEPS Trail Run - Puma Night Run - FRIM Forest Trail Run - Larian MPSJ

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