November 02, 2015

November Rain

Oh Hello there.

Was supposed to ran the Puma Night Run last Saturday. I was so excited because it was my first night run.

However the day before I slept at around 3, woke up at 6, fell asleep again and woke up quite late for my work. Soon as I reached workplace, I worked non stop from 10.45 til 230 with the help of Bliss, and that was it. Seen at least 17 people in total I still couldn't believe I did it. Bless the Bliss, breakfast paling mudah dalam dunia. Heh.

In short, despite my enthusiast in running that night, I doubt my ability to pull it off after having very minimal sleep and fatigue from working. But I tried to get as much help as I could. Pisang, Milo, my fat burner pill which I rarely take cause it will cost me my sleep, and - most powerful one : DOA IBU kahkah. I convinced myself I'm a WonderWoman and went to Setia Alam anyway.

It started to rain cats and dogs at around 7.30, and was worsened by the lightnings and all. Kesimpulannya the only running we did that night was...running from the rain. Half of me was disappointed but half of it was relieved because of my condition that night.  We got our medal and all but I still feel it is the most medal tak bermaruah I ever gotten. Hmm.

The next day WonderWoman was finally defeated. Got out from bed only around 2pm. Literally forced myself to sleep and rest, even though I was up before 10am. Had a plan to go to the foodfest but I don't think I can do that. Hmm a bit disappointed la since I was really looking forward to it. Tapi most of the feedbacks were negative ones siap cakap depa pi makan kat amcorp la ss19 la. Still, I felt guilty to my company for pulling out from our supposed outing. WIll make it up to him one day, hehe.

Kesimpulannya semua plan pun tajadi. Haha sedih. Inilah contoh terbesar kita hanya mampu merancang, kan?

That night I felt much better and was kidnapped to Lamp Festival in none other than my top most hated place - Putrajaya. Sebab bukan saya yang drive so layan je la. Major disappointment last-last balik makan dekat Night Circle je. Haha. Tak thrill langsung baik pergi iCity je.

Other than that, nothing much. 4 more kgs away from my supposed 1st target so that I can reward myself with so-called more than rm400 handbag. Kira handbag paling mahal la saya ada sekarang ni paling mahal pun 300 lebih.  Nak tunggu orang kasi hadiah mmg tak dapekla. The next 10kgs after the first one if I ever made it, I will throw a kenduri kesyukuran terus kahkah macam tak de confidence je kan nak buat. Metabolism slows down with age what can we do aight?

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ArELeEz said...

dropped by jugak kat lamp fest. tp, xdpt menikmati sgt due to rain. xpe la.. xde rejeki.