October 19, 2015

Wrapping up last week

Boys In Green's campaign in RWC is over. Stranded in the QF in Argentinian's hands. They were battered front back left right but they fought hard. Breaks my heart to see Paulie at the spectator bench. At one point the scores were so closed, but towards the end they were all tired and injured already.

It's okay. Hopefully they will improve in the next 4 years. There are a few young players who have big potentials I hope they develop well throughout this years :)


The past week has interesting one. One thing for sure I need to increase my stamina well. Did variety of calories-burning activities - hiking, badminton, karaoke-ing (yes, I think we burn at least 500kcal from the jumping and dancing) and cycling. The last time I hike was around 2 months ago so my fitness level wass quite poor. Plus, I was on my red flag when I hiked so that slowed me down a bit. Stress jugak la hike dengan orang ni that's why I like to hike by myself. Takyah nak ikut pace ke apa. Kah.

I was quite surprised to find out cycling tires me out faster than hiking. Did a mistake as I took a light breakfast  and almost passed out towards the end. Gave up at few hilly areas, tolak beskal pun menangis dalam hati okay. Lepasni ada cecita nak buat Skytrex tapi saya gayaaaat tatau la mampu dak buat. Let's see if I can be convinced to do those hanging by the air activities.

Last but not least, I am so happy that I finally managed to settle the pest control for my house. And I had a good deal as well. I have surveyed here and there and the market price are usually from RM1500-RM2000 but I had a very very good price. That's one obstacle down, many many more to go. But at least that's a big one. The CDs pun depa dah amik I just give em away. I know I could sell them off tp takpela sedekah kat depa ni lagi bagus. Senang keje iols.

Going through my days, living it one by one. Que sera-sera, what ever will be, will be :)

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