August 26, 2015


Yesterday recorded a history where I only took lunch and that was it. Pagi tu tak breakfast malam balik kerja terus tido sebab penat terok. Now that's something new. If I can keep it up I'm sure that'll help with losing some kilos.

But unfortunately today I'm back to my 5 meals/day self. Breakfast lunch dinner snack complete. Tadi pergi gym I was the only student in the R&B class. Luckily the instructor was good looking enough to attract me to stay in the class, but not too handsome that might got me distracted. Kira just nice la nak belajar dance. Again he praised me for having the feel and moves of a dancer *insert emoticon pakai sunglass cool disini* Lepastu dia kata lepasni jangan la miss class bole blajar choreography the whole song. #siscuba #sisterharu

Lepastu tadi I had something to share. You see, it was my hmm what you call it..habit to share something with someone but I knowwwww I need to slow down on that habit. So I thought it's not good to disturb la kan kau berpada-pada la nak kena warning lagi ke. I also realized there's a trend where after certain time, it will be silent. Before ni ok je there's always something to talk about. So macam dah ada zon larangan plak haha..Terbantut terus sexcited nak share #sissedih #sislupa #siscubatabah

Senarai happy harini

1) Payday payday. After around 50 days since the last payday, this is the one that has been waited the most. We survived fellow gahmen servants! Kahkah

2) lepak dinner with the aunties td konon-konon celebrate birthday maktip.

3) Esok cutiiiiii weeheeeeeeee


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