June 21, 2015


This is the photo that I carry around with me wherever I go.

I used to put in my purse but realizing how clumsy I can be and how easy I can be to be losing my purse I put it elsewhere, but near to me.

One day my house in Pontian were broken in. They took some random things including this photo. For some reason they realized the thing they took were useless so they dumped it in a sewage and the police managed to return it back to me.

The photo has faded.

But this is one of the little things that I hang onto that reminded me of my father.

It has been too long. I'm really afraid that one day I might have forgotten how he looked like. Just like this photos, the memories might fade away too.

Fb has been flooded with fathers' day wishes. All I wish is may you be placed among para solihin, may Allah bless your soul and forgives you. May we be reunited soon.

I miss you pa. Lama dah tak datang dalam mimpi :(

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