May 31, 2015

The journey

The journey thousands miles away from home brought me to these familiar places that I used to call home three years ago. It feels really good to be back.

One of the main reasons to be back is to visit my lecturer - Dr B. He was my tutor in our final year group. The first 3 years of our studies he appeared very cold and strict when in fact he is such a nice and caring old man.

On my final year I stretched out a bit of the norm and tried to enjoy Ireland as much as I could. I went to a rugby match and a hurling match..and somehow that kinda amaze him. So my stories was told to the dean, to the President of my university as well as the next batches. I set up quite a benchmark for my fellow non-Irish mates to follow suit :P

I tried to keep in touch with him as much as I could after I qualified. With him I could tell everything. My concerns. My worries. My hopes. My dreams. On my concerns and worries he comforted me. Being lonely isn't a bad thing. Being single isn't the end of the world. On my hopes and dreams he told me to go with the flow and it's okay to be clueless at the moment.

This journey so far has been on point on the aims. Distractions. Comfort. And the fact that there are still people that appreciates me. Gathering strength.

It will be quite another journey to recollect myself and stand up again. May He eases my way..

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