March 13, 2015

I need me masseuse

I have been working extra hours these days. Travelling soon so I need extra cash so I won't end up borrowing Along or merempat tepi jalan tak cukup duit. Kah.

The downside of me working longer hours body started to ache everywhere. My nature of work requires me to work using my body. I need my eyes, my hands, my back, my legs all working simultaneously. At times when patient's mouth is too small I need to extend my back nenek nenek si bongkok tiga menjengah gigi yang di belakang belakang at that causes my back to hurt :(

It started with chronic dull pain and I just try to sleep it off. However the pain starts to change its nature to shooting sharp pain now that's a sign for help. And the intensity of the dull pain also has increased...I need my massage fix T______T

Hwaaaa nak urutttttt

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