December 31, 2014

Wrapping up 2014

2014 is a year full of turbulence. Sometimes it shoots you up sometimes it kicks you down right at your arse.

2014 banyak kita dapat peringatan dari Yang Maha Kuasa. Terlalu banyak. Semoga kita menginsafi setiap apa yang didatangkan pada kita.

I am grateful I get to travel at least once, to Krabi last April. It was a short and sweet escape despite losing my phone at the end of the trip T__T

I am grateful I get to run a few KMs fulfilling some of my wishes despite worsening my old knee injury and now there is some problem with the insurance I hope I can proceed with my surgery still >.<

I am grateful that I finally get to be back at my hometown. A road less traveled but I am going to find my way insyaAllah.

I am grateful that He gave me a company to bring me around here and there despite having a few brawls, I treasure the ups and will always muhasabah on the downs. Although, well, not for long now.

Nampak tak setiap ada ups, there's gonna be downs. Aku dah takde azam untuk 2015 aku just harap bila saat aku perlukan kekuatan, Dia akan pinjamkan. Bila saat aku ketakutan, Dia hadirkan keberanian. Pada saat aku keseorangan dan rasa kesunyian, well, Dia hilangkan rasa tu.

Still keeping the faith strong. Everything does not last. The good ones and the bad ones.

Welcome 2015. So dreadful to face you especially middle of next year but hey, I am gonna try to stay strong.

This too shall pass.

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