June 19, 2012


I have less than 2 weeks before I leave this place where I've been calling home since the past 5 years. I must admit, I'm starting to feeling a lil bit nostalgic and sad.

Around 5 years ago when I first knew I'm going to Cork, I was kinda disappointed. I've always wanted to go to Trinity College in Dublin coz it sounded more..posh? However, I am so relieved for what have been arranged for me. Cork, albeit being a very less-city place suits me the best. I don't need to share rooms. It's peaceful. Everywhere can be reached easily. I can save enough money to travel around. The people are so so nice and friendly.

Cork Dental School is also one of the best thing ever happened to me. From the supervisors/tutors/lecturers to the secretaries, nurses, my groupmates, my classmates and my patients - they have been so nice to me. The atmosphere in the hospital is very "calming" I've even started to miss the school before I leave Ireland.

I'm gonna miss seeing old people walking around with smiles on their faces. I'm gonna miss having a nice tutor who constantly reminded me to chill out and relax everytime I came into his room bringing problems. I'm gonna miss the small chit chat I have with my patients that sometime turns to be a sharing-feeling session. I'm gonna miss the bitching session over the lunch with my friends about things that we don't like. I'm gonna miss spending my afternoons at home watching rugby matches and cheering for Ireland and Munster (sometimes Leinster), shouting and yelling. I'm gonna miss planning for travels and holidays. I'm gonna miss my cul de sac crew, where we spent countless nights eating our own cooked meal, sang our heart out at the mini karaoke place we set up, watch movies, play board games.

I'm gonna miss Ireland that's one thing for sure.

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