May 24, 2012

Summer exams officially over

It's over.

The long torturous 7/8 weeks are over. The day has finally came.

The last bit of exam went OK-ish. I had a seen case exam where I brought in the patient that I've been treating and I have to present what changes I did and everything. It could have been done better but I'm happy at least it didn't messed up badly. My patient is really really nice and supportive. I think the fact that he himself has a child doing medic, he understands how stressful I am. Yup, he's the same patient who gave me the voucher. He even wanted me to text him my result this Friday when it comes out. Kinda like a father figure and I'm so thankful I have encountered such a great person in my life.

Speaking about the results....yes it's coming out this Friday. And yes, it IS that fast. Praying hard that the lecturers tutors who are in the exam board, may Allah opens their heart to let me pass this year.

Exam's over but I'm still gonna have sleepless nights until this Friday. Trying to distract myself by cleaning up the kitchen and my room. It was all done kinda half way-ish. I have about 40 hours more to survive (+/- sleeping time) til the D day.

Tik tok, tiki tiki tok.....

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