May 31, 2012

Life post-exam

Life post-exam has been....busy. I actually slept lesser than I did during exam time. Yes, my exam weeks were so draggy that I had all the time in the world to finish all those vlogs movies and whatnot.

Started off with packing things that I'm bringing back home. Had 1 box all packed and ready to go. In the midst of second one, sparing some space to shop. I think I *might* need a third one. See first how crazy I am with buying things etc. Throwing off things that I definitely won't use back home. Had 2 bags of I-won't-wear clothes that I donated to the charity box. Packing is really really tiring but I know I cannot procrastinate! Seeing how my 2 housemates doing things last minute....I strictly reminded myself must not wait! Am quite happy with the progress I'm now down with a few things that its fate can only be decided after I'm done with traveling.

I also sell a few things, books, instruments. Rasa macam sayang but I think I need to let it go because I kinda need money now.

Yesterday and today I tried to settle the official things. Getting academic transcripts, sent results to JPA, trying to clear the lockers in hospital. Done with all those. Now I need to concentrate on the traveling. Mak is coming next weeeeeeek!! Weeeee I can't wait. Flying off to London next Thursday. And ABANG NAYLI AND KAKDIAH are coming too!!!!! Kinda like a last minute thing they just bought tickets a few days ago. Only for a short time tho coz they will be traveling somewhere else tapi bersyukur lah diorang datang. Plus, 2 of my bestest friends are coming too. Can't ask for more. I think I'm the happiest girl in the world as of now.

Life post-exam, although a lot tiring, but it is definitely less worrying. Kinda feel like after SPM where I don't have things to be worried of eventhough this is just another start to a longer journey. But I'm just living and enjoying the moment :-)

Ya Allah, thank you for all of this.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, enjoy the moment to the fullest, Doctor..