March 19, 2012

How your body reacts to stress?

Selalu kalau datang psycho nak exam, apart from crazy mood swings, I get some some physical presentations as well. This would include -

1) Eczema on my fingers. Sometimes they become so dry they bleed. Zzzz

2) Pericoronitis on my partially erupted lower left 8. One day I'm going to get this tooth pulled out!

3) Headache, sometimes unilateral, sometimes my forehead feels really tight.

Fifuh kthxbai!
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Thrifty Corner said...

You are stronger than you know. Well said. Stress will not kill you. It makes you stronger........

Anonymous said...

hi babe!
i noticed that u've been so tensed lately.
hmm.wt can i say... sometimes lots of things did not go the way we planned.
n for me,usually i will cry n cry n cry... smpai penat then n music helps jugak utk reduce stress.
bout your eczema tu... try put on lotion/baby oil lg ok.if kering nnt i'll get very itchy then bleed then lme2 jd parut xcantik-lah!=p

bout the headache,that's typical tension-type headache.try do smthing to reduce the stress level.. then it will go away.try find smthg to cheer u up k?

n gdluck! insyaAllah u will do well.u go girl!!!=)

ArELeEz said...

1st, headache! 2nd, stomache. heh3.. penawarnye = vacay/shopping! ;P