December 02, 2007

Malaysian Pacific Air?

From House Season 3, Episode 17. Why oh why...must it be a Malaysian Pacific Air when it comes to having a dying patient who's initially been diagnostic from being food-poisoned eating a kebab or whatever sumthing he had on the plane? (excuse my C minus english grammar , ppl)

Oh I love weekend. >.<

P/S : Had my 1st Meeting today. And I was DIVERTED from the Tugas Khas Exco to Academic & Welfare Exco. There goes my dream of getting involved in a leisure/sporty activities. Aihhh....double triple aihhh...Guess it's time to start getting serious *frowning*
My girls siap la korang pasni...nnt aku balek summer dah takde2 aku ajak men futsal, gi kuar jalan2 dah. Lpas ni aku balek kte smua gi hangout kat library okayh!!

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